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Well, the Cubs have started their off season with a bang. Lou Pinella and Alfonso Soriano are a start... with some questions still to be answered. We think re-signing Kerry Wood with an incentive based contract is also good.

We are currently redesigning the site (again)... and will have much more come sprint time. We will be on and off all offseason and will continue to provide some information. Thanks for your patience!

For those of you that are new to the site, here is a quick background. We are a group of fans that love our Chicago Cubs. We, well one of us, started this website 8 years ago before the Cubs had an official website. He was hoping to become the creator of the official website but that never surfaced thankfully. Therefore, we have continued to provide the fans a website designed and run by fellow fans. As we are just a group of fans, we welcome any input we can get from you. If you have any comments/suggestions (even complaints) please feel free to contact us!

TO OUR MEMBERS: We do still have your information and are planning to re-implement the thousands of you that have previously subscribed to our site. We will be sending you another email soon with more information.

To explain to you what is new would be too long, so let us just point out a few new features:
  • The most obivous is the entire site redesign and layout. Although it is similar to what we had before, it also has changed drastically. We hope you enjoy the new layout.
  • We have now added the option to sponsor various pages of our website. The sponsorship and advertising are in prominent locations to allow you to see who are sponsors are. Please visit our sponsors. We have been putting many volunteer hours into this website over the past 8 years and appreciate all the sponsors and donations we can get!
  • Trivia - You'll notice in the right hand column a Trivia Question... we have implemented a trivia game for you to participate in. Feel free to take the trivia quiz as many times as you wish! We will eventually be collecting and posting a leaderboard so you can show off your Cubs (and Baseball) knowledge!
  • We are slowing adding player bios for past, present (and future) Cubs Players. We have been collecting statistics, past rosters, jersey numbers and additional player information (birthdays, hometowns, etc) for the last 6 years and are near completing the basic info for every Cubs player of all time (over 1700 players)!
  • As Fantasy Baseball seasons are also getting underway, we have developed a new Fantasy Baseball section that will eventually contain news, rankings, advice and the ability to post questions about your trades/keepers.
  • More new features to come... stay tuned and keep checking back for more!

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    Thu December 8, 2016


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    Random Player Bios
    Pete LaCock, Scott May, Kurt Seibert

    Trivia Question
    At the end of the game, what color flag flies above the Wrigley Field Scoreboard if the Cubs Win? [44]
    Blue and White Pinstriped
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    "Nice guys finish last" [INFO]
    - Leo Durocher
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